Finale, A New Mystery by Joan Druett

This cross-continental journey had proved very pleasant, particularly considering that he was dead.  Or so Timothy ironically mused…

The year is 1905, and the heyday of Thames, in the goldfields of New Zealand.  Back in 1867, Captain Jake Dexter, a flamboyant adventurer and pirate, and his mistress, the actress Harriet Gray, invested the fortune they made during the gold rushes of California and Australia in a theatre and hotel called the Golden Goose, which has become an internationally acclaimed tourist venue, famous for its Murder Mystery Weekends.  Guests gather, and a fake murder is staged, and it is up to them to find the killer.  But this hugely successful venture is now at great risk.  Timothy Dexter, an American of dubious ancestry, threatens the inheritance of the Golden Goose Hotel, and the Gray family gathers to hold a council of war, interrupted when a real murder intervenes.  And a young tourist, Cissy Miller, entrusted with a Harlequin costume and a very strange mission, may be the only one to hold the key to the mystery.

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