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Seymour Hamilton, Author of the Astreya Trilogy and Other Works, Joins Old Salt Press

We are pleased to welcome Seymour Hamilton, author of the Astreya Trilogy and the upcoming sequel, River of Stones, to the Old Salt Press.

When Seymour Hamilton lived in Nova Scotia in the 1970s, he worked as a contract writer and editor. He also wrote and voiced radio essays and theatre reviews. It was during this time that he sailed on Mike Whitehouse’s schooner HAKADA to the south coast of Newfoundland – an experience that was the genesis of The Astreya Trilogy.  Astreya’s world stayed in his mind, with chapters being added by fits and starts. When he retired, writing became a full-time activity, and the story grew from a novella to a trilogy. The Laughing Princess followed The Astreya Trilogy into print in 2012. In 2015, he published The Hippies Who Meant It. Watch for the Astreya sequel, River of Stones, which will be coming out soon.

River of Stones by Seymour Hamilton — Coming Soon

Only three stones of power remain, and only the eight descendants of Zubin can wield them. A ruthless and power-hungry man is intent on stealing the stones, murdering the three leaders of the fleet, and torturing the secrets of navigation from their children.

Grand master Astreya gives his daughter Mairi command of a ship with instructions to keep the younger members of his family far from danger. However, safety is elusive.

Mairi must face political turmoil ashore, resolve conflicts with her twin brother Trogen, and lead her young crew through storms, dangerous passages, and battles at sea before she can discover the secret that will lead to the river of stones.